January 6, 2020
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What to Do in Khao Lak Explore These 6 Stunning Beaches

Khao Lak is an unspoiled region just an hour away from Phuket. The beautiful Andaman Sea surrounds it on one side and lush rainforest mountains on the other. This unique landscape makes Khao Lak a real gem for travelers who want to experience life in a tropical paradise.

If you’re planning to have a peaceful and relaxing holiday with your friends, family, or by yourself, Khao Lak is the ultimate destination. Below is our guide to the most stunning, pristine beaches you can explore in this side of Thailand:


1.Bang Niang Beach — A Perfect Blend of Calm and Bustle

Bang Niang Beach was once a remote destination that was popular among backpackers. Word of its allure soon spread, and now Bang Niang is a prime tourist destination. Today, it is lined with busy establishments, such as hotels, spa, restaurants, and a bustling night market.

Despite the influx of tourists, this place retained its idyllic, laidback vibe. For couples and families looking for a peaceful yet accessible getaway in Khao Lak, Bang Niang is definitely the place to be.


2.Nang Thong Beach — A Picture-Perfect Party Paradise

Nang Thong is famous among younger travelers who want to mix their vacations with some serious fun. It’s dotted with numerous pubs, bars, and restaurants that make the nightlife here truly exciting.

In the morning, the place magically transforms into a tranquil retreat. Its long stretches of golden sandy beach and turquoise blue waters are picture-perfect in every angle.


3.White Sand Beach — Khao Lak’s Premium Playground

If you want to enjoy a truly relaxing and luxurious beach holiday, Khao Lak’s White Sand Beach is your best option. Here, you can choose to stay at one of the many high-end hotels and private villas that offer stunning views and premium amenities. True to its name, White Sand Beach boasts of powdery sand that glistens like crystals under the sun.


4.Coconut Beach — A Unique Tropical Landscape

Just a stone’s throw away from White Sand Beach, Coconut Beach offers a different experience for its visitors. Towering tropical trees provide shade for those who want to take a nap in a relaxing hammock, finish a book, or simply enjoy the views.


5.Pak Weep Beach — An Unspoiled Retreat

Pak Weep Beach is one of the least developed sections in Khao Lak. It’s known for its vast, open shoreline that’s perfect for quiet sunbathing. The waters here are clear and calm, making it a great day trip for families with young children. There are basic amenities here, including restaurants, ATMs, and a few resorts.


6.Khuk Khak Beach — The Ultimate Privacy

Not a lot of travelers frequent this side of Khao Lak, mainly because Khuk Khak remains to be rough and rugged. It’s not easy to get to this unspoiled section either, but once you arrive, you’ll be welcomed with a most riveting landscape.

Multiple lagoons cut across its five-kilometer coastline, with pine trees and palm woodlands in the background. If you’re looking for the ultimate privacy, Khuk Khak Beach’s unique wildness will undoubtedly appeal to you.

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