March 9, 2020
Apsara Beachfront Resort and Villa

Tips on Staying Safe at the Beach in Khao Lak

Everyone loves to take a vacation in a tropical paradise. Your skin will fall in love with the sun basking against your skin as you take a sweet, refreshing dip in the seawater. But, like any other activity, there are certain dangers associated with going to the beach. Perhaps the most common concern is drowning. In this article, we will talk about some safety precautionary measures you can do to avoid putting yourself out in harm’s way.

Stay Close to the Lifeguard on Duty
Keep in mind that you should only swim in beaches with lifeguards on duty, even if it is during the low tide. After all, accidents come unexpectedly, so it is better to be safe than sorry. You can approach them to ask about water conditions or weather for the day and see if they recommend anything to make your swimming experience better. Keep the information they shared in your mind and use it for any necessary preparation. Remember to be always close to a lifeguard tower so a lifeguard can watch over you and your family. Because of that, even if any untoward incident may occur, the chances of it becoming fatal drastically decrease.

Swim with a Partner or a Group
There are safety and fun in numbers, and this saying holds in swimming at the sandy beaches too. Do not get too complacent even if you think you are a good of a swimmer. A buddy system adds several layers of protection for beach safety.

Learn Lifeguard Flags & Signs Beforehand
There are several flags with different colors on the beach, and each serves a different purpose. If you and your family know them, it helps keep your family safe. Because of that, you can have an enjoyable, safe beach vacation.

Here are some of the flag colors you should know on the beach:

● Green means Safe. The ocean is calm and clear and indicates the safest conditions for swimmers.
● Yellow means Caution. There are moderate surf and ocean currents that swimmers should take extra caution when swimming.
● Red means Dangerous. Don’t swim! The sea has strong ocean currents that could potentially sweep away weak swimmers.
● Blue/Purple flags indicate the presence of potentially dangerous marine animals like jellyfish or sea urchins.

Don’t Forget to Apply Sunscreen!
You can always bask in the glory of the sun during a beach trip, but don’t forget to apply sunscreen! Be prepared for a day under the dangerous heat and rays of the sun with sunblock that offers substantial sun protection factor. Go for a sunblock with an SPF rating that is not lower than 50 with broad-spectrum protection. Also, make sure the sunscreen you are using is water-resistant because the SPF becomes pointless if everything gets washed away by water.

Drink Lots of Water!
When you sweat, your body loses water and electrolytes. Drink plenty of fluids, especially sports drinks or electrolyte drinks that restore your body’s electrolyte levels. You can also pack juicy frits with a high liquid content like some fresh watermelon or delicious grapes.

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