March 2, 2020
Apsara Beachfront Resort and Villa

Take a Break: Experience Oneness with the Seas and Forests of Thailand

Wouldn’t it be great to relax near the shore where the breeze of the Andaman Sea softly caresses your skin? As you recline in your lazy chair, you saw the sturdy forested mountains behind you with rich mangrove forests at your side. You sit back and take a sip from your pina colada as you smile in sloth, knowing that all of this is real. Yes, all of it is real at Apsara Khao Lak.

Apsara Khao Lak is just 90 minutes away from Phuket airport. The resorts sport a succulent lagoon nestled at its core. The white sand beach of Pakarang invokes a sense of luxury and makes the entire beach experience unforgettably magical. With over 60 Villas, guests quickly feel at home with a tranquil ambiance that invites a sense of peace within the soul.

Surfing and Weddings

The seas of the Aspara Beachfront are beginner-friendly and are perfect for kids who want to surf or adults who want to learn. Also, the resort is ideal for romantic beach weddings. It’s ideal for couples who plan to tie the knot with a tropical theme. The resort’s team of professionals is highly trained in this area, with a multitude of satisfied customers to back up the claim. On their website, the management offers a wedding package called the “I Do” package, which includes the ceremony with the priest, bouquet, corsage, wedding cake, sparkling wine, photographer, and canapé, among other things.

Feel Like an Amazonian Royalty in Khao Sok

The urbanization of society has limited people to experience the wonders of nature. In the past, lush greens and fresh breezes were easy to find through a simple stroll on your backyard or the neighboring fields. Wouldn’t it be nice to experience the simplest pleasures of life with a trip to the luscious forests? A nearby national park named Khao Sok National Park is an hour’s drive away from the shores of Khao Lak.

The park is a sanctuary of Mother Earth with one of the world´s oldest evergreen rainforests. Take a dip in their thundering waterfall or feast your eyes on the wonders of their limestone cliffs with spectacular geological formations You might meet some plants and animals you haven’t seen before because the park is home to several rare species.

The park also boasts two human-made wonders of nature, Cheow Larn Lake and Ratchaprapha Dam. Wild animals and plants benefit directly from its construction- elephants get to enjoy abundant stretches of water, the rare Malayan sun bear gets to eat copious amounts of sweet honey, and wild red rafflesia flowers get to bloom freely.

A special tour called Ratchaprapha Dam Jungle Excursion lets tourists ride a traditional longtail boat on the waters of Cheow Larn Lake. Guests can then dive into the lake after they finished their lunch on a floating restaurant above the lake. In the afternoon, guests have the chance to see the enchanting ruins of an old coral reel called Guilin.

Apsara Beachfront Resort and Villa offers premium accommodations for your next visit to Khao
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