Apsara Beachfront Resort and Villa


Apsara Beachfront Resort and Villa

Why Visiting Khao Lak Is a Good Idea in 2020

April 20, 2020

Thailand is well-known for its rich culture, delicious food, and beautiful beaches, specifically the ones in Phuket. In 2020, travelers are looking for a quieter time at the beach—with fewer crowds yet still rich in what Thailand has to offer. That said, the beauty of Khao Lak, a quiet and provincial town an hour from Phuket, has been put under the spotlight.

Apsara Beachfront Resort and Villa

How to Have the Perfect Beach Day in Khao Lak

April 13, 2020

The idea of a beach day is nice, but once you’re there, it can quickly turn into a disaster. If you want to have a fun-filled beach day, you need to do a fair bit of planning. It’s important that you have the right essentials, lest you want to suffer from awful sunburns, grain-peppered sandwiches, and water-soaked gadgets (yikes!).

Apsara Beachfront Resort and Villa

4 Tips for a Relaxing Vacation in Khao Lak

April 6, 2020

Did you know that there’s such a thing called traveling fatigue? Even if your intention for a vacation is to disconnect and unwind, there may be times when you feel tired upon arriving home. It might be because you packed your vacation time with too many excursions, or you didn’t allow yourself to separate from your work obligations completely. It results in a vacation that feels too short and added feelings of exhaustion, especially when you have to jump back into work right after the trip.

Apsara Beachfront Resort and Villa

3 Experiences to Enjoy When Exploring Khao Lak

March 30, 2020

Thanks to its top-notch location in southern Thailand, Khao Lak packs a dreamlike experience that’s filled with awe-inspiring landscapes and tourist attractions that are a must-see for any traveler. As a collection of beaches that flow along the finest coastline in all of Thailand, it should come as no surprise that the pure white sand that ushers beachgoers into the Andaman Sea is as breathtaking as claimed. 

Best known as Thailand’s quiet oasis, Khao Lak is perfect for anyone who is looking to experience a prime tropical getaway without going through packed crowds of tourists.

Apsara Beachfront Resort and Villa

4 Benefits of Participating in a Wellness Retreat

March 27, 2020

Have you ever thought about joining in on a wellness retreat? If you’ve never heard about this before, it is a vacation which usually held at resorts or similar venues that is about relaxing and learning how to live a healthier lifestyle. During this retreat, you’ll be participating in different activities, such as yoga, cooking, and enjoying many treats, such as massages and therapies. In other words, when you finish a wellness retreat, you come out much happier and healthier.

Apsara Beachfront Resort and Villa

3 Adventurous Activities in Khao Lak for Thrill-Seekers

March 16, 2020

What was once a small local fishing village, Khao Lak is now one of the most perennial favorite holiday destinations in Thailand. It offers a hub of entertainment for all kinds of vacation styles as it is made up of a mix of stunning beaches, breathtaking karst formations, and more serene settings that provide relaxation and adventure all in one.

Apsara Beachfront Resort and Villa

Tips on Staying Safe at the Beach in Khao Lak

March 9, 2020

Everyone loves to take a vacation in a tropical paradise. Your skin will fall in love with the sun basking against your skin as you take a sweet, refreshing dip in the seawater.

Apsara Beachfront Resort and Villa

Take a Break: Experience Oneness with the Seas and Forests of Thailand

March 2, 2020

Wouldn’t it be great to relax near the shore where the breeze of the Andaman Sea softly caresses your skin? As you recline in your lazy chair, you saw the sturdy forested mountains behind you with rich mangrove forests at your side. You sit back and take a sip from your pina colada as you smile in sloth, knowing that all of this is real. Yes, all of it is real at Apsara Khao Lak.

Apsara Beachfront Resort and Villa

5 Lovely Activities to Do on Your Honeymoon in Khao Lak,Thailand

February 24, 2020

Thailand is often the go-to choice for travelers in search of a slice of paradise as the popular beach towns offer constant sunshine all-year-round. Khao Lak, in particular, is a perennial favorite with its wealth of pristine beaches, palm trees, and hidden gems amidst the lush, mountainous landscape.

Apsara Beachfront Resort and Villa

4 Tips for Making the Most out of a Family Vacation in Khao Lak

February 17, 2020

The saying, “A holiday with your family can easily make for one of the most special, yet limited times of your life” is an all-important truth which essentially makes you wonder: “How can I make the most out of a holiday with my family?”

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