September 17, 2019
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Fun Things to Do in Khao Lak Thailand – Our Guide

Locals and tourists alike go to the beach to unwind from the crowd and stress of the city. But what better way can a vacation be if it already involves relaxation by the beach and maximizing your fun under the sun with stimulating activities all at the same time?

The tropical destination hub of Khao Lak, Thailand is an enthralling pick as it takes pride in being a hub of entertainment in every aspect – from the picture-perfect scenery, palm-fringed coastlines, long stretch of crystal waters, exotic marine life, sea caves, hot springs, white sands, urban jungle adventures, and a culturally rich heritage, the natural wonders of Khao Lak is an ideal place to visit for the ultimate getaway weekend.

In the midst of all the salt-ridden bodies in the sweltering heat, you wistfully ask: How many more days until that beach weekend? Count the days and prepare for the ultimate weekend getaway at the hidden paradise in Khao Lak, Thailand, with our guide below! After all, southern Thailand is a hub for hundreds of hidden gems on the island, and exploring the culture is one way to maximize your trip.

Explore Surin or Similan Islands for the Ultimate Beach Experience

Plunge into marine life and explore the untouched paradise of the Similan Islands. The picturesque beach looks like a tropical oasis with its miles of soft, white sands, sparkling clear water, and pristine underwater visibility.

Brimming with resorts that provide various activities, there’s one for every kind of tourist. Drop those office work stress like unwanted baggage and run wild and free with the rest of the crowd. For the couple seeking to inject a little thrill, a fun activity to do as a couple is snorkeling as the beach offers picturesque coral reefs to make your stay worthwhile. You can encounter dolphins, reef sharks, and sea turtles when diving into the abundant marine life at Surin or Similan Islands.

Be One with Nature at Khao Lak’s Various National Parks

Khao Lak, Thailand is all about taking in the breeze and appreciating the endless canopy of rainforests, wilderness, waterfalls, limestone, caves, and heart-stopping encounters with wildlife in Khao Sok National Park. Khao Lak Lam Ru National Park and Thai Muang National Park also offer a diverse list of activities that are sure to leave you with tan lines and fun time such as trekking the long 125-square-kilometer stretch of tropical jungles. Beyond the wildlife, you can also enjoy snorkeling amongst the diverse marine life, witness the eye-catching scenery of corals, and even chase the five-tiered waterfall in Lam Ru.

Indulge in Gastronomic and Authentic Staples

Khao Lak, Thailand is a spoiled choice when it comes to exotic cuisines, most of which are the hottest spots to stop by locals and tourists alike. The Thai staple ranges from posh restaurants, small mom-and-pop establishments, along with international restaurant chains spread across the tropical island.

Vongole restaurant, in particular, is highly recommended for its new and extensive selection of seafood caught straight from the Andaman Sea. The establishment itself is surrounded by the largest saltwater pools in Thailand, elevating the dining experience to unimaginable heights. Explore the culture by digging into its different flavors, from famous Thai dishes like Pad Thai, Satay, Pad See Ew, Spring Rolls, Phao Pad, and more.

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