August 16, 2017
Apsara Beachfront Resort and Villa

Apsara Khao Lak – 5 Reasons Why You Should Plan Your Wedding At The Beach

Are you planning to get married soon? If so, choosing a venue may not be the easiest thing to do. After all, it must be a special place for this special occasion. Are you thinking of something less formal and want something more casual?

We have a suggestion: the beach! With it’s relaxing atmosphere and warmer environment, a beach will be the perfect venue for you. Here are five great reasons why you should choose to hold your wedding at a beach:

1 – Make it a Destination Wedding

If you’re living in a beautiful waterside area, then you’re lucky! If not, head for the beach. Imagine getting married to the love of your life, surrounded by graceful palm trees with a cool breeze blowing over the venue. All of this, while your guests enjoy your wedding and a vacation at the same time. The best part is, you are on vacation as well.

2 – Have an Instant Honeymoon

If you’ve chosen the best beach ever for your wedding, there is no reason to leave the place once you’ve sealed your vows. Don’t burden your minds with packing up your stuff right after everything is over. Book a suite nearby that fits your honeymoon dreams. Wait until all your guests have packed and left. Then, it is time for you and your spouse to sit back and relax. Nothing gets better than enjoying a sweet and peaceful honeymoon right after a hectic wedding.

3 – Grab an All-Inclusive Package

If you find a resort near a beach, an all-inclusive wedding package might be for you and your significant other. With everything included from flowers, makeup, food, and more, you’re given more time to enjoy what the beach has to offer and less time planning for the venue.

4 – Ideal for an Intimate Wedding

In general, destination weddings are usually much smaller than standard weddings because your guests have to book earlier and take vacation days from their work. If you’re looking to hold a more modest wedding but do not want to hurt anyone’s feeling by excluding them from the invite list, then hold a destination wedding. Whoever shows up for your wedding proves how much they care about you! Be generous and give the dearest of friends and family fancy goody bags and other favors.

5 – Perfect for The Easygoing Couple

Can’t be bothered with being stressed out over menial things, can you? Go barefoot (or even wear flip flops) to your wedding! Get everyone to rock their summer outfits, including you and your loved ones. Let everyone enjoy what the beach has to offer: the soft sand, crystal blue sea, cool breeze, and warm sunlight. Why not enjoy a splash right after the ceremony? Let all the stress flow away with the waves on the ocean. When night falls, the real party can get started. Fill your late-night beach party with great food and games.

Plan your wedding on the beach and enjoy all it has to offer! With its picturesque surroundings and chill atmosphere, it is a wedding destination that keeps on giving.

If you’re looking for a beachfront resort in Khao Lak, get in touch with us today to book your stay.