December 24, 2019
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3 Tips To Give Your Child a Great Surfing Lesson in Khao Lak

Though teaching adults how to surf can be a daunting task, it is not as challenging as teaching kids how to surf. In all seriousness, you can show your kid how to do many things, as long as you have the patience to do so.

Are you trying to teach your child how to surf to get ready for your surfing trip to Khao Lak? Here are three tips to keep in mind to make sure that they have the best learning experience ever.


1.Be patient

Do you want to feel proud as you watch your kid catch a large wave and surf? That’s going to take time, and they’ll make repeated mistakes. If you’ve been surfing your whole life, you’re aware that there is always something new to learn. That said, don’t get upset if your child isn’t able to surf at first, but be patient and understand that they’re learning, just like you when you’ve first started.

Remember, not all children are the same, and your kid may not match up with your knowledge and coordination skills when you were a child. If your child has just experienced a growth spurt, they may not be accustomed to the “new” body just yet. Finally, if your child has never experienced the ocean, they may not feel too enthusiastic about surfing on large waves. In other words, don’t expect your child to be like you, but learn how they are and adapt accordingly.


2.Be Encouraging

Remain calm if your child makes a mistake, and let it be a positive learning experience. Remind them that making mistakes is all right, that the road to success isn’t an easy one, and that you’ll be there every step of the way.

Your duty as a parent is to make sure that the entire learning experience is a positive one. Angering over a mistake and hurting your child’s feelings will only turn them away from the idea of surfing entirely.


3.Make it Beginner-Friendly

Don’t take your kid out to a world-class surfing area only to let them get wiped out by a massive wave. It’ll just be a scary experience for your child for life. That’s why you must select an appropriate location that’s beginner-friendly and make sure that the waves are just right. Start off with smaller waves and slowly progress as you see your child improves or if they are asking for a more significant challenge. If they are afraid of large waves, don’t force them to go on it.

When it comes to equipment, make sure that your child has the right tools. Give your child a small surfboard that is easy to paddle and stable rather than a full-sized board that’ll drag your child around. If the beach floor there is a little rocky, tell your child to wear protective footwear to avoid any potential injuries.

To that end, what you’re trying to do is to build trust between parent and child, that your kid will feel safe with you. Otherwise, your child may feel reluctant to go surfing with you again.

By being patient, encouraging, use the right tools, and your child won’t feel pressured and commit mistakes. At the same time, you enhance the learning experience, making your child wanting to come back for more.

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